CV/PRML Best Papers

CV/PRML関連の主要学会best papersまとめです。

CVPR (Best paper award)

Best paper awardのみです。Honorable Mention、Best Student PaperはCVPR Best Papersをご参照のこと。

Year Title Authors Link
2013 Fast, Accurate Detection of 100,000 Object Classes on a Single Machine Thomas Dean et al. pdf
2012 A Simple Prior-free Method for Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion Factorization Yuchao Dai et al. pdf
2011 Real-time Human Pose Recognition in Parts from Single Depth Images Jamie Shotton et al. pdf
2010 Efficient Computation of Robust Low-Rank Matrix Approximations in the Presence of Missing Data using the L1 Norm Anders Eriksson, Anton van den Hengel pdf
2009 Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior Kaiming He et al. pdf
2008 Beyond Sliding Windows: Object Localization by Efficient Subwindow Search Christoph H. Lampert et al. pdf
2007 Dynamic 3D Scene Analysis from a Moving Vehicles Bastian Leibe et al. pdf
2006 Putting Objects in Perspective Derek Hoiem et al. pdf
2005 Real-Time Non-Rigid Surface Detection Julien Pilet et al. pdf
2004 ? ? ?
2003 Object Class Recognition by Unsupervised Scale-Invariant Learning Rob Fergus et al. pdf
2002 ? ? ?
2001 Morphable 3D models from video Matthew Brand pdf
2000 Real-time tracking of non-rigid objects using mean shift Dorin Comaniciu et al. pdf

ICCV (Marr Prize Paper)

Year Title Authors Link
2011 Relative Attributes Devi Parikh and Kristen Grauman pdf
2009 Discriminative Models for Multi-class Object Layout Chaitanya Desai et al. pdf
2007 Population Shape Regression From Random Design Data Bradley Davis et al. pdf
2005 Globally Optimal Estimates for Geometric Reconstruction Problems Fredrik Kahl and Didier Henrion pdf
2003 Image-based Rendering using Image-based Priors Andrew Fitzgibbon et al. pdf
2003 Image Parsing: Unifying Segmentation, Detection and Recognition Zhuowen Tu et al. pdf
2003 Detecting Pedestrians using Patterns of Motion and Appearance Paul Viola et al. pdf
2001 Probabilistic Tracking in a Metric Space Kentaro Toyama and Andrew Blake pdf
2001 The Space of All Stereo Images Steven Seitz pdf
1999 A Theory of Shape by Space Carving Kiriakos Kutulakos and Steven Seitz pdf
1999 Euclidean Reconstruction and Reprojection up to Subgroups Yi Ma et al. pdf

ECCV (Best Paper Award)

Year Title Authors Link
2012 Segmentation Propagation in ImageNet Daniel Kuettel et al. pdf
2010 Graph Cut based Inference with Co-occurrence Statistics Lubor Laticky et al. pdf
2008 Learning Spatial Context: Using Stuff to Find Things L. Laticky et al. pdf
2006 Learning to Combine Bottom-up and Top-down Segmentation Anat Levin and Yair Weiss pdf
2004 High Accuracy Optical Flow Estimation Based on a Theory for Warping Thomas Brox et al. pdf
2002 Increasing Space-Time Resolution in Video Eli Shechtman et al. pdf
2002 3D Statistical Shape Models Using Direct Optimisation of Description Length Rhodri Davies et al. pdf
2002 Multi-camera Scene Reconstruction via Graph Cuts Vladimir Kolmogorov and Ramin Zabih pdf
2002 What Energy Functions can be Minimized via Graph Cuts? Vladimir Kolmogorov and Ramin Zabih pdf
2002 A variational Approach to Recovering a Manifold from Sample Points Jose Gomes and Aleksandra Mojsilovic pdf


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